Newsletter 29th October

Dear friends

As the COP 26 climate conference approaches, our news feeds are full of little else. Even the Queen has commented (a woman who has refrained from publicly expressing any kind of political opinion over nine decades). I imagine the thought that when George VII ascends to the throne, the country may be under three feet of water has perhaps provoked a reaction. The arguments would seem to be unassailable. If we don’t take urgent and extensive action, the loss of life and disruption to the world will make the Second World War pale into insignificance. In the early days of the environmental movement, the church tended to avoid the debate, considering it to be the preserve of hippies and new-agers. However, eventually it caught up and its voice (Archbishops and Popes alike) is loudly heard urging the world leaders to action rather than vague promises. The Church’s motivation is that this world is the first thing that God did. Genesis chapter one verse one: “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth”. Human beings were subsequently created with the express responsibility for looking after the earth, while God reigns in Heaven. The end of term report surely reads: “could do better.” We may feel there is little we can do to make a difference, but we can and surely must pray.

Crib Service

We will be offering interactive crib services on Christmas Eve with a dramatic presentation at both Minsterley and Pontesbury. Anyone willing to help with this by performing or helping with costumes should speak to Greg.

All Souls

There will be All Souls services at Holy Trinity Minsterley on Tues Nov 2nd at 7 p.m. led by Pam and at St George’s on Sun Nov 7th at 3 p.m. If you would like the name of a loved one read out (however long ago they died) please send this to Alison Bebb in writing at by next Thursday evening. Anyone is welcome to attend and light a candle in memory of those they have lost.

Muddy Church

Our next Muddy Church will take place on Tuesday November 9th at St George’s. Refreshments will be served from 3.30 p.m. with a walk of a mile and a half commencing at 4 p.m. Muddy Church is specially aimed at helping families to enjoy God’s creation, but is open to all who can walk the distance.


After many years of fantastic service, Richard Elliot has stood down as webmaster for the St George’s website. We are therefore looking for a volunteer to take on responsibility for the security and efficient running of the website, while others will input the necessary material.

Growing Leaders

Growing Leaders is a 12 month course of 10 sessions, produced by CPAS (Church Pastoral Aid Society) combining the best of biblical and secular material.

The course is aimed at people already in church leadership who would like more training and confidence; those wondering whether church leadership might be for them; and those in leadership in other settings, wanting to understand how the Christian faith might equip them to be more effective leaders. Leadership is defined quite widely as having influence over others; and therefore might apply to a volunteer in Sunday school or messy church; a musical director; a home group leader or a bereavement group coordinator. 

The course is open to anyone in Pontesbury Deanery. If you would like to know more without any commitment, you are warmly welcomed to a cheese and wine evening at The Deanery, Main Road, Pontesbury, SY5 0PS on Monday 15th November at 7 p.m. This will give you the opportunity to learn much more about the course, its contents and format.

RSVP to Greg Smith at if you would like to attend by 10th November.

Bereavement Group

We are looking at starting up a bereavement group for the whole area in the new year, working in conjunction with other denominations. If you would be interested in being part of a team to help with this, please speak to Greg.


After many years of faithfully producing the rota, Frank Butterworth will be retiring. We are therefore looking for a replacement for him. If anyone wants to know more about this, please speak 

Thank you

From Greg and Fran for all the good wishes and offers of help over the last week. These have been very much appreciated. Greg is now fully recovered, although Fran has a few lingering after effects. Please note, they will be on holiday from Tuesday through to Saturday next week. Pam may be contacted in an emergency.


This Sunday, we have a Group Service at St George’s at 10.30 for the whole family, led by Pam while Greg takes the service at the Congregational church. Please remember to put your clocks back!


If you are concerned that someone you know, is at risk of, or is being abused, or presents a risk to others, please go to our safeguarding page

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