Newsletter 22nd October

Dear friends

As you might expect, I have had quite a lot of time to reflect on the tactics of the corona virus this week, having tested positive for Covid-19 last Friday. With hindsight, it appears to have first manifested itself on Wednesday morning when I found myself sneezing uncontrollably during my daily prayer time. Fran came to investigate, so violent and persistent was the sneezing fit, but I insisted it must be an allergic reaction to something, since I had no other symptoms. Having suffered with hayfever since I was 12 months old (60 summers and counting), I am well used to sudden sneezing fits. I had not noticed that there had been updates to the list of corona symptoms since the early days when we were all watching out for a persistent cough! Therefore, it was only when I lost my sense of smell on the Friday morning that the penny dropped. Meanwhile, Fran has been attacked through her chest, a long-term sufferer with asthma. I am now 100%. She is still suffering and would be grateful for your prayers.

My conclusion is that the virus is quite sneaky, attacking us where we are most vulnerable. In a similar way, forces of evil try to disrupt us from living the Christian life by attacking us where we are most susceptible. Are you short-tempered, forgetful, or impatient? This is where we are likely to be tested. The danger as we progress through our lives is that these things will be magnified by older-age and ill health. Instead, let us pray that the sanctification process, ongoing in the power of the Holy Spirit, makes us less and not more vulnerable to spiritual attack.

Sponsored Walk

The final total raised by the brave sponsored walkers and their very generous sponsors is £2005. This means that £1,000 will be coming back to our own churches and we will have helped Shropshire Historic Churches Trust to an equal extent. Thanks to everyone concerned, not least Stephen Winwood and Colin Edwards, who have worked hard to collect, process and bank monies collected.

All Souls

There will be All Souls services at Holy Trinity Minsterley on Tues Nov 2nd at 7 p.m. led by Pam and at St George’s on Sun Nov 7th at 3 p.m. If you would like the name of a loved one read out (however long ago they died) please send this to Alison Bebb in writing at Anyone is welcome to attend and light a candle in memory of those they have lost.


After many years of fantastic service, Richard Elliot has stood down as webmaster for the St George’s website. This means that we urgently need a replacement. One possibility is that we recruit someone to take on the higher functions of web design, maintenance and security; while others take responsibility for the administrative function of inputting up to date information/news. Richard has kindly offered to induct and train anyone who takes on either role. If you would like to know more, please speak to either Richard or Greg. We want to take this opportunity to thank Richard for his excellent and faithful service in this vital communication role.

Growing Leaders

Growing Leaders is a 12 month course of 10 sessions, produced by CPAS (Church Pastoral Aid Society) combining the best of biblical and secular material.

The course is aimed at people already in church leadership who would like more training and confidence; those wondering whether church leadership might be for them; and those in leadership in other settings, wanting to understand how the Christian faith might equip them to be more effective leaders. Leadership is defined quite widely as having influence over others; and therefore might apply to a volunteer in Sunday school or messy church; a musical director; a home group leader or a bereavement group coordinator. 

The course is open to anyone in Pontesbury Deanery. If you would like to know more without any commitment, you are warmly welcomed to a cheese and wine evening at The Deanery, Main Road, Pontesbury, SY5 0PS on Monday 15th November at 7 p.m. This will give you the opportunity to learn much more about the course, its contents and format.

RSVP to Greg Smith at if you would like to attend by 10th November.

Bereavement Group

We are looking at starting up a bereavement group for the whole area in the new year, working in conjunction with other denominations. If you would be interested in being part of a team to help with this, please speak to Greg.


After many years of faithfully producing the rota, Frank Butterworth will be retiring. We are therefore looking for a replacement for him. If anyone wants to know more about this, please speak to Frank or Val.

Art Sale

Emma Bailey-Beech has organised what she’s calling her “secret art sale” to raise funds for the Chirbury Hills churches and has been collecting original works of art and craft over the past year or so. They will be on display in St Michael’s, Chirbury, between 25th and 30th October each
day (between 11 and 3). Every item is £10 . . . but you buy a ticket, and which work of art that ticket buys is then a matter of chance! The draw will be made after our service on Sunday 31st.  There are some amazing pieces (and one of my original cartoons), and we’re very grateful to the local artists and crafters who have donated them. Bill Rowell

Alpha Away Day

We are having our Holy Spirit day on the 6th of November at a lovely place called the Quinta. We wanted to invite you to join us for the day as some of you had to miss the day last time due to the

flooding. Even if you didn’t miss the day, or you are not on the Alpha course do please

consider joining us. As it says in Eph 5 v18 go on being filled with the Holy Spirit.

The total cost for the day is just £10 pp which includes lunch, teas and coffees. If this is too

much for you, we might be able to help you with the cost.

If you are interested in joining us, please let Mark Hackney know as soon as possible.

Mobile: 07593817684 or Email:

Thank you

From Greg and Fran for all the good wishes and offers of help over the last week. These have been very much appreciated.


If you are concerned that someone you know, is at risk of, or is being abused, or presents a risk to others, please go to our safeguarding page

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