Newsletter 17th September


I visited Birmingham this week for my Godmother’s eighty-sixth birthday. An excellent lunch out and then back to her flat for coffee with her two sisters. I noticed that her feet were very swollen and quite blue so said I would ring the doctors for an appointment. Her sisters thought this was very funny as they’ve both been trying to get appointments for ever. They ring and are left waiting for ages and then told an appointment will be at least a month. 

So I rang the receptionist; explained my aunt’s condition; I thanked them for their help as I knew how busy they were and waited with baited breath. “Can you come straightaway – the doctor will see her now”. So off we went. The family were stunned and convinced it was God’s work and that somehow I had a hotline to Him!!!

Driving home I reflected on the phone call – the only thing I’d done differently was to recognise the difficulties the staff were under. It makes me think of that saying about walking a mile in someone else’s shoes. None of us know what others are dealing with on a daily basis. Which reminds us all, as our Lord Jesus Christ said “Love your neighbour as yourself” and especially our key workers at this continuing difficult time.


If you are concerned that someone you know, is at risk of, or is being abused, or presents a risk to others, please go to our safeguarding page

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